Crop Circle Art Notes

"Circular Evidence" and "The Latest Evidence" by Collin Andrews and Pat Delgado
"Mysterious Lights & Crop Circles" by Linda Moulton Howe
"The Deepening Complexity of Crop Circles" by Eltjo Haselhoff
"Gulf Breeze Sightings" and "UFOs Are REAL!" by Ed Walters and Dr. Bruce Maccabee
"Above Top Secret" and "Alien Liaison" by Timothy Good
"Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind" by C.D.B. Bryan
"UFOs and the National Security State" by Richard M. Dolan
"Passport to Magonia" and "Dimensions" by Jaques Valle
"Communion", "Transformation", "Breakthrough" & "Secret School" by Whitley Strieber
"The Communion Letters" by Whitley and Anne Strieber
"The Andreasson Affair" by Raymond Fowler
"Project Apefarm" by Quaazga
"Missing Time", "Intruders" and "Witnessed" by Budd Hopkin
"Secret Life", "The Threat" and "UFOs and Abductions" by Dr. David Jacobs
"Abduction" and "Passport to the Cosmos" by Dr. John Mack

About Crop Circle Art™:

Printed with an HP DesignJet 130 large format ink jet printer using archival inks.
(Please mount Crop Circle Art™ behind glass for maximum longevity & enjoyment.)

Due to unavoidable variations between computer systems, please be aware that the printed colors may appear quite different from the sample Crop Circle Art™ previews.

Not responsible for any changes in consciousness from viewing Crop Circle Art™, or subsequent obsessions and/or anxieties that might develop about UFOs in general.
Crop Circle Art © 2001-2010 by Gary Geisler. All Rights Reserved.

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